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Going Green With Ward Burton

Kleenoil Bypass Filter Intro

Kleenoil Bypass Filter Demo

Make Green the New Color of Your Bottom Line!


Going green has become a competitive advantage for companies.

Companies are realizing now more than ever that the business world is linked to the environment….in more ways than they probably realize.  If you think about it, all products either come from something that has been mined or something that has been grown.  The environment provides critical support to the economic ecosystem, not only in terms of financial capital but also from natural capital as well!  The "environmental angle" isn’t just a nice strategy tool for businesses; it has now become an essential business strategy in these changing times.

Everything has changed!  Today environmental missteps can create public relations nightmares, destroy markets and careers, and knock billions of dollars off of the value of a company.

Businesses that do not add environmental awareness and thinking to their strategy toolbox risk missing upside huge opportunities in markets that are increasingly shaped by environmental factors.

Smart companies are now seizing competitive advantage through strategic management of environmental challenges.

By “Going Green”, companies can transform environmental concerns into their corporate advantages and use these new advantages to:

  • Spur innovation throughout their business
  • Increase brand exposure with an aggressive “going green” program
  • Potential corporate upside benefits
  • Manage downside risks for companies
  • Create new opportunities to cut costs
  • Create value for their company by driving revenues
  • Build competitive advantage against their competition
  • Promote environmental stewardship
  • Enhance intangible value for their business

Aside from the great benefits to your corporation, there are legal reasons for your business to care!

  • Laws that only applied to big businesses are now being enforced against small businesses as well….don’t think that just because your company isn’t the size of GM or Toyota that you will fly under the radar!
  • Environmental advocacy groups are growing by the day….you don’t want to be in their crosshairs!
  • Due to the almost daily gains in technology, it gets easier every day for regulatory agencies to track and monitor environmental infractions and enforce compliance

Kleenoil Bypass Filter Systems can help you go green to meet these new challenges.

Here are a few of the “going green” benefits Kleenoil can provide to your company:

  • Reduced environmental risk via reduced oil change intervals, thereby reducing the chance for water contamination by oil.

Just one gallon of oil or fuel contamination in ground water contaminates 1 million gallons of water!  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 11 million gallons of gasoline alone seep into the ground annually.  That’s the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez oil spill happening every year!

  • You are now officially recycling your oil in your equipment instead of changing it!  Think about the cost advantage this provides your company, not to mention you know deep down you are doing something to help the environment.

Have you heard of the concept of “Peak Oil”?  The official definition is the point where the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction has been reached, after which production enters terminal decline.  This means that the global demands for oil exceed the ability to get it from the ground.  Optimistic predictions have this date pegged somewhere around 2020 as of this writing.  United States oil production peaked in 1970, hence our dependence on oil imports.  Recycling oil means you are doing your own small part to reduce this dependence!

  • “Going Green” PR and marketing benefits!

When you say “my company is going green”, you can actually have those words mean something!  Saying it and doing it really are two different things!  Using Kleenoil Bypass Filter Systems gives your business the ability to say you are not only recycling the oil in your equipment but also reducing the chances of environmental pollution.  This is marketing gold for your company in this day and age!  Companies that use Kleenoil gain a marketable advantage through their commitment to the doing the right thing for the environment.



Sustainability is a topic that more and more companies are taking a hard look at.

What is sustainability and why should my business care about it?

The broad definition of sustainability is the capacity to endure or merely as a synonym for “lasting."  The general concept is a relatively new one that first came on the scene in 1987 in a report by the World Commission on Environment and Development which was headed by Norway’s Prime Minister at the time.  The definition of sustainable development is, “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  There was a shift to the current "three pillars of sustainability" concept in 1997.  According to the concept, sustainable development rests on "three pillars", which are:  ecological, economic and the social pillar. If one of the pillars gives way, the 'sustainability building' will collapse.  Sustainability has become a wide-ranging term that can be applied to almost every facet of life on Earth, from a local to a global scale and over various time periods.

Sustainability also goes hand in hand in the business world with the term “triple bottom line”, which measures organizational success in three main areas:  People, the Planet, and Profit.  The triple bottom line is the place where corporate and societal interests meet.  "The People” portion of this refers to fair and beneficial business practices towards labor and the communities in your area in which your company does business.  “The Planet” refers to sustainable environmental practices so that your company is not only not harming the environment but actually doing something to help it.  We all know what the “Profit” part of this definition means but in this sense, it is the economic value created by the company,  both for the company as well as the real economic benefits enjoyed by society.

What is sustainability to the business?

You might be asking yourself….that's great, but what does this all mean to my company?   Sustainability to a business means a pro-active approach to ensure the long-term viability and integrity of the business by optimizing resource needs, reducing environmental, energy or social impacts, and managing resources while not compromising profitability.

Business sustainability is the increase in productivity and/or reduction of consumed resources without compromising product or service quality, competitiveness, or profitability.

What is your company’s future role regarding sustainability?

Businesses can lead society’s highest aspirations for sustainability:

Economic Profitability and Opportunity

  1. Economic growth
  2. Innovation
  3. Global trade

Social Responsibility and Opportunity

  1. Livelihood and benefits

Resource Responsibility and Opportunity

  1. Consumer and polluter of shared resources
  2. Innovative and economic capacity to restore and save natural resources
  3. Creativity of capitalism to create the path to sustainability

Companies are now being asked, “What are you doing for the environment?    What does your sustainability program entail?”  It isn’t pleasant if you have to stare at your feet when asked these questions or to have to say, “I don’t know."  Some companies have very generic programs in place such as simply recycling around the office or just use sustainability as a buzzword to sound as though they being environmentally responsible.  In reality, these companies have no real plan or program in place.

If you can talk the talk, you should be able to walk the walk.  Just think for a minute if you could actually have a program in place that could accomplish all three goals?  One with measureable benefits to society, one that had a measurable reduction in environmental impact, and just imagine, if you had an answer that not only covered those two areas but could also make your company more profitable at the same time?

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter Systems should be part of any trucking fleet, mining operation, construction, oil field application, or other type of company’s sustainability program.

Kleenoil can help your company provide measureable benefits in the areas of:

Environmental Responsibility

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter system provides your company a way to recycle the oil in its equipment thus eliminating the chance of water contamination from oil leakage!

Increased Profitability

Kleenoil Bypass Filter Systems help increase profitability in two areas for your company:


  1. Reduced wear on engines and equipment.  While this is hard to quantify up front, it is easy to see the savings for your company when equipment no longer needs overhauls on the engine and downtime has been virtually eliminated due to the removal of oil contaminants.
  2. Reduction in the amount of oil changes.  This is very easy to quantify since you can use the handy Kleenoil Savings Analysis sheet on this website to determine exactly how much money your company can save annually by simply using our Kleenoil Bypass Filter Systems!

Resource Responsibility

Since you are recycling your oil and not throwing it away, you are doing your own small part as a company to conserve oil!  This is easily measurable and verifiable as well!  You can very simply compute the amount of oil you have saved by using the Kleenoil Bypass Filter system and proudly share the results wiht your shareholders (financial benefit) as well as your customers (environmental benefit).

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